"Is the Future of Commercial Flights Pilotless in 12 Years?"

Have you ever been on a flight without a pilot? It may happen sooner than you think

According to Forbes, after autonomous cars, pilotless commercial planes could be flying above our heads within the next decade. While unmanned aircraft have been used by the US military for decades, several manufacturers are working to expand the concept to civilian aviation.

Many members of the airline industry believe that small pilotless planes could transport passengers by 2035, even as early as 2030.

Before this milestone is reached, autonomous cargo planes could share the same airspace as passenger planes as early as 2025. And according to estimates, large commercial flights could take off without pilots by 2040.

The Early Takeoff of Autonomous Commercial Aviation

2023: Several manufacturers are collaborating with the Federal Aviation Administration to certify passenger planes without pilots.

2025-2026: The first autonomous cargo planes would share the sky with commercial flights.

2030-2035: Small pilotless planes would begin transporting passengers on short distances on domestic flights.

2040-2050: Larger autonomous commercial planes would take off above our heads.

A Question of Money

Airlines, financially hit by the pandemic, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of autonomous commercial flights. According to a study by Swiss bank UBS, the aviation industry could save more than CAD 48 billion per year.

If carriers and airlines are ready to move forward with autonomous civilian planes, this technology is frowned upon by the various unions representing pilots.

On the other hand, several passengers seem concerned about the idea of boarding an autonomous plane. According to a survey commissioned by the Air Lines Pilots Association, which represents 65,000 members, 81% of Americans would not be comfortable boarding a flight without a pilot.

The idea of pilotless commercial planes is certainly controversial, but it is hard to ignore the potential cost savings for the airline industry. Only time will tell whether or not we will see these planes take off in the near future.

Source : TVA nouvelles


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