"Get Feline with it: Introducing the Purr-fect Parody - CatGPT!"

A spoof software has hijacked the principle of ChatGPT, replacing AI-generated responses with the text meows of a cat. And logically enough, it's called CatGPT.

The interest is obviously very limited, but it will entertain you for a few moments.

Cats Still Rule the Internet Since its inception in the 90s, the Internet has become the kingdom of cats. From photos to memes, they're everywhere. They can even be found on Twitter, with a whole network of accounts personifying cats exchanging thoughts about food or their owners. The Internet has evolved a lot in 30 years, but our four-legged friends are still there and following the trends.

If you're up to date with current events, you must have heard of AI's ability to generate images, videos or texts. OpenAI, StableDiff and ChatGPT are making headlines in the tech industry, either to demonstrate their performance and limitations or to raise concerns about content production and copyright. But already, spoof software is rampant, and CatGPT is an excellent example.

The tool, which replicates the ChatGPT interface, serves no purpose, and that's why it caught our attention. You can ask any question and the AI will reply "meow meow meow meow...". You've understood it, this is a serious joke that shows that time goes by, but some things don't change. Cats haven't finished extending their grip on the Web.

The Explosion of ChatGPT among the General Public For a long time, AI capable of generating coherent texts or artistically solid images was just a fantasy. But research quickly turned ideas into reality, and these ideas have now made their way to the general public. In just a few weeks, over 1 million users have connected to ChatGPT.

Many people tried the tool to see what it can do and its limits, but concern quickly spread in the educational field. Several universities or colleges have already banned its use, at least until tools become available to easily identify AI-generated content. ChatGPT could become a powerful ally in helping create content, but it must be kept in mind that its free availability has its limits. Indeed, OpenAI has decided to monetize its tool with a premium subscription.



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