"McDonald's AI Drive-Thru Backfires on TikTok: How Automation is Changing the Fast Food Industry"

McDonald's has recently implemented artificial intelligence (AI) in their drive-thru ordering system to improve customer experience. However, the fast-food giant has been receiving negative attention on TikTok due to failed interactions with their vocal AI technology.

Numerous viral videos on TikTok have shown frustrated customers struggling to communicate with the vocal robots that take orders by phone or at the drive-thru window. Some have even received incorrect orders, highlighting the limitations of the technology. While McDonald's still employs restaurant staff to take orders, some restaurants use AI assistants to assist with the process.

McDonald's has been experimenting with AI since 2019, equipping some of their restaurants with vocal AI technology to assist employees with order-taking. In addition, digital menu boards also use AI to recommend menu items based on food trends or weather. This allows for a more personalized customer experience and improves the speed and accuracy of orders.

With the shortage of labor in the restaurant industry, many fast-food chains are turning to automation and AI to facilitate their operations. Other chains, such as Checkers & Rally's, Taco Bell, Sonic, Panera Bread, and Popeyes, have also begun testing vocal robots for their drive-thru services. Some even use robots to take phone orders, like Chipotle.

Although some vloggers have expressed concerns about the automation of restaurants, this trend is likely to continue due to the evolving restaurant industry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and labor shortages. As with any technology, it is crucial that companies like McDonald's ensure that their AI systems are reliable and effective in meeting customer

Source : lebigdata


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